Sunday, January 23, 2011

RIP Bears/Jets

At the risk of offending Laura, I was sad to learn today that we would not be having a Bears/Jets Super Bowl XLV. I was hoping to make some Chicago-style beef sandwiches vs meatballs. Or Chicago hot dogs vs. NY pizza. Or Chicago pizza vs. NY hot dogs. Before my dreams were killed, I prepared a "good luck" apple pie for the Bears/Packers game and for National Pie Day.

Meanwhile, I've had a breakthrough since my last post about football: I kind of get it. Once I finally understood the concept of "downs", it all started to click...more or less. Which is great, or would be great, if one of "my teams" had made it through today's gauntlet. Oh well, now I have a couple weeks to plan a Green Bay/Pittsburgh menu (hint: I've had a hankering for party subs).

1 comment:

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