Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coastal Living 2, part i

On Thursday, I went back out to the coast for New Years in Gearhart, OR with Jon, Pat, Storm, Mike and David. This is the time of year that Portland lies under a shroud of bone-chilling rain and heavy skies for weeks, with no end in sight. Mike and I left at 11 am, on Highway 26. 35 miles into the drive, as we started climbing into the mountains, we drove through the cloud cover and arrived in a winter wonderland, with bright blue skies, snow capped fir trees, and honest-to-god sunlight. Postcard worthy. Approximately 2 miles later we hit a patch of ice on the 2-lane highway, spun around twice across the entire road, and slid back into a guardrail. Were we hurt? Nope. Was the car damaged? Not at all. Once again, I have Matt Lauer and the Today Show for thank, because Wednesday's segment on Winter Driving while I was doing yoga in my living room reminded me that when there are icy conditions you can steer, and you can break, but you can't steer and break at the same time. Storm and David left a bit later and got held up by an accident involving 3 cars and a tree a few miles past the site of our earlier ice capades. Never forget that Oregon is a fickle mistress. This is what was waiting for us in Gearhart:
My friends Matt and Kelly, who now live in LA, have the cutest house in the cutest town that boasts one of the prettiest beaches in Oregon. I always thought I was more on the "mountain cabin" end of the either/or spectrum when it comes to vacation homes, but the house on B street is making a good argument for coastal living. Victor is now under the impression that every 4 days he gets a trip to the beach.

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