Thursday, October 22, 2009

Purge and Binge

Over the last few weeks I've had to face the reality that my GI tract is not Old Ironsides, and as mentioned in my previous post, I've modified my diet significantly in the hopes that I can put GERD to rest without a lifetime dependency on medication. The prescription of a monastic diet, I'm sorry to say, worked pretty well. But even after eliminating coffee and wine and dairy and chocolate, took some time before I really noticed a difference. And the discovery of Aloe Vera Juice helped too. I am of the belief that God did not intend for us to ingest the flesh of the aloe vera plant, because the taste is putrid. It is what I imagine urine might taste like, only less salty. But it works, much like the way you use it as a salve on a skin burn. So slowly I am graduating from eating like a baby to eating more like an adult human. I must say, despite my complaints, it was nice to rediscover the satisfaction in a bowl of rice:

When I was young, I used to love going over my friend Bayleh Shapiro's house because her mother panfried Hebrew National Hotdogs until they were black, as opposed to boiling them, and served Minit Rice topped with a dollop of butter (well, probably margarine). I have no idea what Minit Rice might taste like today but at the time it was far superior to anything my mother spent 20 minutes more preparing, and this gastroesophageal convalescence brought me back to fond memories of Mrs. Shapiro's bland fare. I will not miss this hiccup in my lifestyle, but when it happens again at least I know I can look forward enjoying plain rice and thinking of Millie Shapiro.

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