Friday, September 11, 2009

The Bare Minimum

Wow, what a crappy week. My job left me feeling both over-worked and completely ineffectual. I got a ticket for 'speeding' in a school zone, a $180 bill for a pap smear (with insurance?), the dog I've been sitting for ate a hole through my fence and the clarinet piece that I'm supposed to play tomorrow night I learned in the wrong key. WAH.

Whining over, I'm posting because I should and because this blog is a reminder, to myself, of what turns me on: food. The CSA supply and my desire to prepare food are on opposite trajectories these days, but I did manage to pull this pretty salad out of my ass. Thank you, Fitness Magazine, for being the unlikely inspiration for tonight's menu: Salad of blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and wild shrimp with chevre and a roasted pepper vinaigrette. Thank you, also, Dawn Weeman, for scoring me a free subscription to Fitness: a generally useless monthly with impossible-to-follow exercises and recycled health and beauty advice.

Also, please not the mis en place not of the salad but of my table: the corner of a laptop, the mobile, the sketchbook and my coveted post-it book tabs. Life is better when I am bookmarking something.

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